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Step 1 – Contact your local councillor

Persuade your local councillor to support musical tuition in the budget vote next week. Email, phone, tweet, or visit your local councillor and let them know why it’s so important.


Monday 4th Feb
Dalkeith libraryMargot Russell6-7pm
Danderhall libraryColin Cassidy6:30-7:30pm
Penicuik libraryJoe Wallace6-7pm
Pathhead pavillionKenneth Baird7-8pm
Tuesday 5th Feb
Gorebridge beaconJim Muirhead6-7pm
Lasswade centre libraryDianne Alexander6-7pm
Wednesday 6th Feb
McSense business centrePeter Smaill6:30-7pm
Thursday 7th Feb
Edinburgh collegePeter Smaill6-6:30pm
Monday 11th Feb
Newtongrange libraryCatherine Johnstone5-6pm
Penicuik libraryDebbie McCall6-7pm
Tesco EskbankKenneth Baird7-8pm


Dianne Alexander (email) (more details)

Janet Lay-Douglas (email) (twitter) (more details)

Derek Milligan (email) (more details)


Colin Cassidy (email) (more details)

Stephen Curran (email) (more details)

Margot Russell (email) (twitter) (more details)


Andrew Hardie (email) (more details)

Debbie McCall (email) (twitter) (more details)

Joe Wallace (email) (twitter) (more details)

Midlothian East

Kenneth Baird (email) (more details)

John Hackett (email) (more details)

Peter Smaill (email) (more details)

Midlothian South

Catherine Johnstone (email) (more details)

Jim Muirhead (email) (more details)

Kieran Munro (email) (more details)

Midlothian West

Russell Imrie (email) (more details)

Kerry Parry (email) (twitter) (more details)

Pauline Winchester (email) (twitter) (more details)

Step 2 – Contact your MSP

Music tuition is under threat all over Scotland. The Scottish government should take responsibility for supporting local councils to fund music tuition. Email or tweet your MSP and ask them to help.

Christine Grahame (Midlothian South and Tweedale) (details)

Colin Beattie (Midlothian North and Musselburgh) (details)

Step 3 – Tweet John Swinney

As education minister John Swinney  (tweet here) has stated that local authorities should continue to fund music tuition. However he has refused to allocate funding or interfere in local council decisions (see article) That is unacceptable. Tell him. Music in schools will all but disappear on his watch!

Step 4 – Encourage as many people as possible to lend their support.

Use all your social networks, talk to neighbours and ask them to sign the petition. We only have until the Council’s budget vote 12th February to persuade councillors to reject the planned cuts to music tuition. Only a big response will get them to reconsider.

Step 5 – Ask councillors difficult questions! Here are a couple of ideas..

How will I or (my child) be able to continue learning their instrument if I can’t afford to pay for a private tutor?

How will it be possible to study music beyond school if there is no specialist tuition available to meet the requirements of colleges and universities?

Step 6 – come along the the demonstration

The Kids are organising a public rally in Dalkeith on the 12th – be there.

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