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Thanks to Cammy Rapson, who has made a brilliant logo for the campaign, you can now make a t-shirt or whatever you want. Here’s what to do…

Using a local print-shop

  1. Download the following file to a USB stick and take it to a local print shop, alternatively email the file (or the link to this page) to the print shop and they’ll be able to download it. Hi-Res_SMMT_logo.
  2. Make sure they know that the file is a .png file (with transparency layer) – a professional print shop should recognise this. I forgot to mention this to the print shop I used today and it all seemed to work out well.
  3. The going (Edinburgh) rate for a T-shirt seems to be £10 for 24-hour turnaround and £14 for 30-minute turnaround.

Print your own

I’ve never tried this and have no idea how good the results are but, if you have access to a colour inkjet printer then this may be an option. Here goes….

  1. Get hold of some “Inkjet transfer paper”, it may be available locally but not sure. A quick google search reveals the following results.
  2. Download the Hi-Res_SMMT_logo
  3. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the transfer paper on how to prepare your file. This will probably involve flipping the image horizontally on your computer before printing – but please check! If you have any difficulty doing this please let me know on facebook and I’ll upload a flipped image.
  4. Pretty sure that you iron-on the printed image onto whatever item of clothing you have available.

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